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This Killbillies album is the perfect sountrack for a road trip on down to hell.

Eternal damnation never sounded so sweet.


  1. When I Think Of You
  2. Jerry Lynn
  3. Only Thing I Want To Do
  4. Let's Get It Over With
  5. Walpole Prison Blues
  6. Lazuri
  7. One Bullet Blues
  8. Lucky Day
  9. I Chose The Gun
  10. Baker's Farm
  11. Only Thing He Said
  12. I Think I See The Light
  13. Body Doing Time
  14. Waltzing On Air
  15. Trains Don't Run
  16. Sold Me Down The River

Sound samples are available on the label's website.

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies: Puttin The Voodoo On Monroe

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