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NRBQ – Rock'n'Roll's best kept secret!

Why should you give NRBQ a chance? Because you've probably haven't heard them, yet, and they just gonna make your life longer.
Elvis Costello

The most significant band that I can imagine. And I love the Rolling Stones defy description. But I think NRBQ is the best Rock'n'Roll band in the world. Always have and always been.
Bonnie Raitt

In our version of a perfect musical universe, NRBQ would be as big as the Beatles.
Los Lobos

NRBQ might be the only band that is important to me as the Beatles are.
Steve Earle

In terms of melodic and beautiful way with melody, this band is a cut above anybody working that has been around since the Beatles.
Bonnie Raitt

Trying to describe NRBQ to anybody is pretty difficult if you've never come across them. You just have to put on the records and then that's when you know what they are.
Elvis Costello

They have a tremendous knack for being able to make a great song out of a very mondaine topic.
Mike Scully (Writer, The Simpsons)

I would describe them as the perfect amalgamation of sound.
Mike Mills (R.E.M.)

NRBQ is like 100% pure skill coupled with wackiness.
Penn Jillette (U.S. Comedian)

The biggest misconception about NRBQ is that they are a cult act. You know, to me a cult act is somebody kind of incaccessible to masses and hard to get. They're anything but.
Mike Scully (Writer, The Simpsons)

I think, their sheer spontaneity always excites me.
Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

I would put up a Joey Spampinato ballad against any Beatles' song... These records all stand up sonically and melodically, lyrically...
Bonnie Raitt

They got beautiful sweet voice ballads, that's really great straight-up pop songs.
Elvis Costello

They haven't forgotten that Rock'n'Roll is supposed to be fun.
Mike Scully (Writer, The Simpsons)

Certainly one of the best live bands I've ever seen.
Drew Carey (Disney Corp.)

I remember the first time I saw NRBQ and you know it's actually a very funny story...
Homer Simpson

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Various Artists: The Q People - A Tribute To NRBQ

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